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  • asked by Katherine I.
    • Kimberly S.
      Any surgical procedure is dangerous, and when you're planning to have elective surgery this danger should really be taken into account. That aside, liposuction is less dangerous and painful than more invasive procedures - for example, a tummy tuck which is incredibly painful.
    • Heather C.
      Liposuction isn't very dangerous as long as your surgeon is reputable and experiences. The results aren't anywhere near as dramatic as they are with the tummy tuck, but the tummy tuck is excruciating and it leaves a big scar.
    • Anna Q.
      When pricing lipo to the neck or elsewhere, be sure to verify the costs include when applicable operating room, anesthesia, & garments. We often can do this procedure under local with a savings near $1250 to the patient. Even under general, you are probably around $5500 on the high end. Know your provider. Kindest regards, Tracy
    • Shelby A.
      Liposuction of the neck ranges from 2000 to 4500 and liposuction of the waist ranges from 1600 to 5000.
    • Marlowe S.
      A board certified plastic surgeon should see you to determine if this is the treatment. Lipo will not remove or diminish stretch marks. A qualified surgeon will be able to improve the situation greatly. Pricing is higher on the west coast I'm sure, but in Colorado these procedures can be $7-$9000, depending on the treatment necessary.
    • Justin M.
      There are several risks to liposuction can include internal bleeding and too much fluid being injected causing heart failure. Recovery time is typically two weeks for returning to normal activities. The following webpage will give you an idea of liposuction costs in relation to what you are hoping to have done.

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