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    • Elizabeth U.
      Try Nanny Poppinz of West Orlandoƒ?? they get requests from all over 8815 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando, FLƒ?? - (321) 251-5144
    • Billingsleigh K.
      There are many jobs suitable for a teenage girl, including babysitting, available in the Beaverton, Oregon. Being so close to a major city like Portland allows you job opportunities many other girls your age might never see. A good company to work for as a supplementary income fresh out of high school is Vector Marketing, who happens to be hiring in the Portland, Oregon area. If the minimum age requirement is a problem, then why not try the "domestic" section under "gigs" on Craigslist? You can find local opportunities to babysit, as well as many other types of jobs. If you are going to go through a public site like Craigslist, however, you must make sure that you are being safe and not offering private information out without being certain they are not bots or scammers. Another good way to make money as a teenager is to offer to walk dogs or to pick up a newspaper route in your area. Newspaper routes can be especially great because they can be completed before school starts. Then of course, you could always tutor students(peer, or otherwise) for a price. If you want a job for experience rather than money, you could always offer to work as an intern at a local business. If you show a lot of skill, there is a high possibility they will hire you. Lastly, there is always the fast food route. It may not be elegant, but it is a perfect job for a teenager, and can get you good job training and experience. It is also fairly easy to move up the ranks in fast food, which will show future employers what they can expect from you. Overall, the job market can be difficult to work with, especially when there are limits and restrictions due to age and education, but if you have the drive, you can accomplish anything.
    • Justin G.
      Join with Creative Rent-A-Sitter Inc 550 W Old Country Rd, Hicksville, NY - (516) 935-7667

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