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  • Grants Office L L C 0.99 Miles 69 Cascade Dr Rochester, NY 14614-1114 585-473-1430
  • Willmott Fred & Floy Foundation 1.31 Miles 183 E Main St Rochester, NY 14604-1612 585-423-9356
  • Planet Aid 1.61 Miles 1170 Lexington Ave Rochester, NY 14606-2904 585-424-7034

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    • Kevin G.
      Financial aid for post-high school (GED) training/education is funded by the federal government. One must be a citizen in order to be eligible. Aid is need-based, which is determined by the applicant completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at There are NO requirements regarding age, gender, marital status, dependents, ethnicity, race, creed or anything else. To offer special programs for people who have kids or people who are 65+ years old or who are Asian would be discriminatory, which is against the very legislation that created the programs. There is no "financial aid for single mothers." That is a myth. There is "financial aid" for anybody who wants to go to school and meets the requirements in order to be admitted to an institution of higher learning. A particular institution might offer private scholarships for various groups, majors, family history, religion, etc. but the funding is private, not federal money, so the scholarship can be very specific. It is unlikely that a private scholarship would require one to have children one is raising without a spouse.

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