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    • Taylor Q.
      You recieve a coupon for aluminum recycling from the vendor you take your aluminum to. They should give you your coupon/cash
    • Joseph Q.
      First, collect your alluminum. If you have cans, crushing them will make the process easier. Then take them to a recycling center near you (see for a MS directory). They will be weighed, and you will be paid per pound.
  • asked by Rebecca C.
    • Allison W.
      Segregate the cans from your other trash and recycling. You can smash the cans if you wish to use less space. Put the cans in a garbage bag until you have a large amount. Take the cans to your local recycling center. The workers there will tell you where to put them and where you will be paid for them. Prices vary, so you can call ahead and try to find a day where the price is higher. Some states have a return deposit on aluminum cans. If you live in one of those states, do not smash the cans. You will not be able to return them. If you are returning deposit cans, simply take them to a store. Most stores have machines that will read the UPC code on a can and give you a print out of how much you have returned. You can take that to the checkout or service desk and get your cash.

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